SFB 901 "On-the Fly Computing": Parameterized Service Configurations

Funding Agency

We take part in the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 901 "On-the-Fly Computing" of Paderborn University. Our subproject B1 deals with different types of requirement specifications, which enable the successful search, composition, and analysis of services. 

In particular, we work on generating explanations of the configurated services. The users so far do not know which of their requirements have been fulfilled in a created service and which have not. Thus, the configurated services should be explained and adequately presented. Therefore, we will generate natural language explanations that describe the configuration of the created service in comparison to the service specification at different levels of granularity (from facts to reasons). For generation, we will explore combinations of classic grammar-based and discourse planning methods with state-of-the-art neural sequence-to-sequence models. A key feature of our approach is the adaptation of the explanation style to the language of the user.

Lead at LUHAI: Prof. Wachsmuth

Funding Program: DFG

Project Period:  2019–2023

Project Website: https://sfb901.uni-paderborn.de/projects/project-area-b/subproject-b1/