Robot Lab @ LUHAI

You have an interesting robotics challenge you want to work on? You want to test your machine learning approach in the real world? Or you simply think robots are great? Then you can join the LUHAI Robot Lab!

Currently we have four small cobot arms (Niryo Ned 2) with attachments like grippers, a vacuum pump and cameras you can use for a project of your choice. If you’re unsure how to get started, we also have starter projects available which will help you work with the software as well as the robots themselves.

As a robot lab member, you get:

  • access to our cobots and their attachments for up to 4h every week
  • the ability to work form our lab in the university main building during the week
  • feedback and advice on your ideas and progress
  • (if needed: access to our cluster for experimentation)

In return we expect you to document your results and open-source the code you're working with.
If you’re interested, please write an email to with the following information:

  • What would you like to work on in the robot lab (about 5-10 sentences)?
  • What are you currently studying?
  • Do you have relevant experience with robotics, machine learning or reinforcement learning?
  • How are your Python and C++ skills like? Rate yourself from 0 (“I don’t know the language”) to 5 (“I wrote the documentation”)