Bias in AI Models

Funding Agency

Federal State of Northrine Westphalia

"Bias in AI models" is a joint project by the Paderborn University and Bielefeld University in support of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Institute (JAII).

The term "bias" is describing the phenomenon that AI models reflect correlations in data instead of actual causalities when making decisions, even if it is based on non-justifiable and rather historically caused relations. Popular examples are the prediction of the probability of committing a crime based on the ethnicity of a person or the recommendation to employ a person or not based on genders. Since AI models will inherently be more ubiquitous in all fields of society, economy and science in the future, such biases have a large potential impact on marginalized groups and society at large.

Within this project, we are analyzing the impact of data on the learning process of AI models with a focus on language and its influence on different aspects, e.g. building an opinion.

Lead at LUHAI: Prof. Wachsmuth

Funding Program: NRW

Project Period:  2020–2022

Project Website: