LUH|AI on television

Marius Lindauer & Henning Wachsmuth with the NDR & H1

within a short time, two contributions from our institute were broadcast on TV.

Prof. Marius Lindauer had the opportunity to talk about AI with the TV station 'NDR' in the show 'DAS!  You can find his part in the ARD-Mediathek (click for short version) (click for full episode).

The interview with Prof. Henning Wachsmuth was broadcast on the local channel 'H1 - Fernsehen aus Hannover' in the show '0511'in the same week. The full episode is uploaded on Youtube (click here for short version), (click here for full episode).


We are pleased that interest in artificial intelligence continues to grow and that broadcasts like these continue to be brought to the population's attention.