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Summer School ESSAI & ACAI 2023 in Ljubljana

Summer School ESSAI & ACAI 2023 in Ljubljana

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we will take part at the ESSAI & ACAI from 24-28 July 2023 in Ljubljana, Slovenia


Prof. Marius Lindauer (LUH|AI) and Katharina Eggensperger (University of Tübingen) will present the main principles, ideas, and recent progress of AutoML.


24 - 28 July at 9 am - 10.30 am


Machine learning (ML) can be frustrating and time-consuming since small design decisions can
already make the difference between state-of-the-art performance and no learning progress at
all. If one does not have ample experience developing new ML applications, it can take days,
weeks or even months to figure out the correct settings for all bells and whistles. Automated
Machine Learning (AutoML) supports developers and researchers in efficiently obtaining well-
performing predictive models. lt helps them determine the best hyperparameters, neural
architectures, preprocessing, and even entire data processing pipelines for a dataset and metric
at hand. This course will summarize the main principles, ideas and recent progress of AutoML,
enabling the attendees to understand how to use AutoML efficiently for their next projects. This
includes introductions into Hyperparameter Optimization With Bayesian Optimization, Neural
Architecture Search, AutoML systems, and human-centered AutoML.


The European Summer School on Artificial Intelligence (ESSAI) is a direct product of European AI research being increasingly coordinated and scaled up across projects, research organisations and countries. ESSAI’s immediate predecessors are the Advanced Course on AI (ACAI), organized since 1985 under the auspices of the European Association for Artificial Intelligence (EurAI), and the TAILOR Summer School on Trustworthy AI organized since 2021 by the European ICT-48 Network of Excellence on Trustworthy AI through Integrating Learning, Optimisation and Reasoning. Last year, these two schools were already co-located in Barcelona with two parallel tracks as well as joint events. 

This year EurAI and TAILOR have continued their collaboration to deliver a significantly larger event with over 30 courses and tutorials presented in seven parallel tracks. ESSAI & ACAI-2023 will take place at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana. ACAI-2023 will offer 10 invited tutorials (of 2x90min each) on the topic of AI & Science, while ESSAI-2023, together with the third TAILOR Summer School, will offer 24 courses (of 5x90min each) on all topics of AI, solicited through an open call for course proposals and selected by an international program committee.

Registrations are open! For further information visit: