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Data Acquisition for Argument Search

The Corpus

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Yamen Ajjour, Henning Wachsmuth, Johannes Kiesel, Martin Potthast, Matthias Hagen, Benno Stein

Argument search is the study of search engine technology that can retrieve arguments for potentially controversial topics or claims upon user request. The design of an argument search engine is tied to its underlying argument acquisition paradigm. More specifically, the employed paradigm controls the trade-off between retrieval precision and recall and thus determines basic search characteristics: Compiling an exhaustive argument corpus offline benefits precision at the expense of recall, whereas retrieving arguments from the web on-the-fly benefits recall at the expense of precision. This paper presents the new corpus of our argument search engine, which follows the former paradigm. We freely provide the corpus to the community. With 387 606 arguments it is one of the largest argument resources available so far. In a qualitative analysis, we compare the corpus acquisition paradigm to that of two other argument search engines, and we report first empirical insights into how people search with

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