Welcome to the AutoML Research Group

We, the AutoML team, focus on research on Automated Machine Learning (AutoML). With our goal to democratize AI in mind, we develop open-source tools to facilitate the usage and analysis of Machine Learning (ML).
Besides foundational research we collaborate with partners from the industry as well as in interdisciplinary teams of researchers.
In our courses we teach the foundations in the areas of Data Science, Reinforcement Learning and AutoML and initiate the discourse regarding the social responsibility of AI.

AutoML in a Nutshell

Applying Machine Learning (ML) results in many design decisions. From the choice of the pre- and post-processing methods, ML models, hyperparameters to the choice of architecture of a neural network: every part can play a crucial role in either producing random predictions or delivering state-of-the-art performance. However, even for ML experts the design process is tedious, error-prone and time-consuming. Therefore, it is difficult to efficiently develop new ML applications.

AutoML addresses these challenges by automating the design processes. The resulting methods and tools support researchers and developers to efficiently create new ML systems.

Research Foci

Automated Machine Learning
Human-Centered AutoML
Green AutoML
Reinforcement Learning